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Welcome to Arizona Youth Football League

Arizona Youth Football League is the leading youth tackle football league in Arizona. We are a non profit 501(c)3 classified by the IRS. Please inquire about donations and sponsorship programs. We are passionate about providing young athletes with the best opportunities to develop their football skills.

“Football is like life - it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.”

— Vince Lombardi

Arizona Youth Football League is made possible by our over 80 Organizations (Orgs), Officials, Coaches, Players, Parents and Volunteers. 


Our Team 

Diron Tappin

President - 

Diron is an experienced Org Leader, Youth & High School Coach. He leads our strategic efforts with the community, schools, and other stakeholders to help build new organizations and support our current ones. 

JC Lunt

Vice President, Commissioner - 

JC is leading our competition committee and serves as a key point of contact for organizations throughout Arizona. He is a long time Org Leader and key contact with American Youth Football (AYF). JC grew up on a farm in Southeastern Arizona, but found his way to the city life in 2005.  He has been involved with youth football since 2011 as a head coach, org leader and board member.  Outside of his full-time job in the finance world, JC is a DJ on the side which he really enjoys. When not at the football field, you can JC hanging out with family, fishing, hunting or on an adventure with friends. 

Shannon Eastin

Executive Director, Officiating -

Shannon is the first female official of the National Football League (NFL) and the first woman to lead a crew at the Division 1 level for the Mid-Eastern Conference. She currently serves as the Director of Officials for the Canyon Athletic Association where she is responsible for assigning and developing sports officials. Shannon is our key liaison between our orgs and our game day officials

Nikki Lunt

Executive Director, Social Media & Marketing -

Nikki works with our teams, sponsors, and our internal communications to get the message of Arizona Youth Football League out to the greater public. She is a long time Org Board Director and Cheer Coordinator.  

Brandon Drake

Commissioner, Girls Flag - 

Brandon grew up in Phoenix and fell in love with Arizona football as he experienced his first catch, interception, and tackle in the Valley of the Sun. He evolved from wearing a helmet and pads as a youth in tackle football to mentoring and coaching young women in flag football. Brandon now relishes the opportunity to be able to provide Arizona's youth with similar experiences while helping them prepare to make a difference for their team and community.

Pete-Ricardo Powell

Commissioner, Girls Flag - 

Coach Pete comes to the league with decades of experience cultivating talent in young athletes across a spectrum of sports. His unwavering quest is to empower youth, especially young women, through our flag football program. Pete is known for his rigorous yet empathetic approach, he takes pride in being tough enough to challenge players, yet understanding enough to provide the tailored support that each individual requires. It is his ultimate goal to guide every player to not only meet but exceed their potential, transforming potential into excellence through perseverance and teamwork. 

Riczer Desvaristes

Strategic Partnerships, Sponsors, & Events -

With 7+ years of multifaceted experience spanning NFL, college, and prep sports, Riczer has cultivated a reputation as a visionary leader in athletics. Honored with the 2023 Arizona Sports and Entertainment Commission's Contributor of the Year award, he has been recognized for pioneering and influential contributions to the industry. Leveraging his extensive professional sports (NFL, NBA, MLS, MLB) network status, he's forged impactful connections and catalyzed positive change within the realm of athletics. His unwavering passion lies in propelling the growth and development of sports and athletes across all levels.

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